How It All Started!

  • December 2007.
    On December 8th 2007, Logan made a YouTube account called “supermariologan1994″. The account was only up for a couple of hours before it was deleted. Logan then made a new account called “supermariologan”. Logan started making short YouTube videos with a $150 Flip video camera. Logan uploaded new videos everyday. Within a couple of weeks supermariologan had uploaded multiple videos. After many viewers had sent Logan messages telling him new ideas for more characters, supermariologan became a very popular plush YouTube channel.
  • YouTube Partnership
    SuperMarioLogan was accepted into the YouTube Partnership program in August 2008. In 2008 the Mario and Luigi’s stupid and dumb adventures series was created. The series exploded in popularity! Each video has over one hundred thousand views and three videos have over one million views! The video series was a hit and in 2010 a second season of the series launched.
    In 2009, the domain was purchased by Logan from The Website has had many different designs. But now, on April 18th 2011, The New was published! Allowing SuperMarioLogan fans to sign up for the site and have their own profiles. .


All of SuperMarioLogan’s videos can be seen on YouTube at:

New videos will be posted every week on SuperMarioLogan’s YouTube channel. If you enjoy SuperMarioLogan’s videos, please Subscribe to him on YouTube.

SuperMarioLogan icon

The SuperMarioLogan icon is a major part of SuperMarioLogan. The icon is the trademark of SML. The icon is what shows everyone how Beast SML is. One main rule of SML is NEVER steal or copy the icon. The icon is not ment to be used for personal use.

The icon was made in Adobe Photoshop. It’s very easy to create your own icons. If you would like to create your own icon, there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube.

SuperMarioLogan uses a Canon 7D to film his videos. Logan uses Final Cut Pro to edit his videos. Logan has a 27 inch iMac computer which he uses to edit videos. Logan uses Garageband to create music for his videos. Logan would recommend using a Flip Video camera to start off making videos. Flip Video is an easy to use, cheap video camera that works perfectly with any editing software!